Update on Situation in the Tigray Region

The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa continues to monitor the situation in the Tigray region.  Some cell phone service, but not wi-fi/internet, has been restored in parts of ​the Tigray region, including Mekele, Maychew and in western Tigray, including the towns of Dansha, Humera, and Maikadra.  The Government of Ethiopia reports it continues to work to restore ​telecommunications service elsewhere in the region.

The ​U.S. Embassy is seeking to contact U.S. citizens in Tigray, and we encourage family​members to also try to call any U.S. citizens in Tigray directly.  The International Red Cross hotline is still working to support those searching for family members in Tigray together with the Ethiopian Red Cross.  Anyone searching for family in Tigray can call the hotline at +251 94 312 2207 or email add_tracing_services@icrc.org, or call the Ethiopian Red Cross at +251 11 552 7110.

On December 15, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority announced that the air space over and airports in the Tigray region are now open for commercial service.  Please contact the airlines directly for information about commercial flights.

The U.S. government is not planning to relocate U.S. citizens out of Tigray at this time but will continue to work with the Government of Ethiopia and the UN to ensure the health and safety of U.S. citizens in the region.  Some U.S. citizens have left Tigray recently in private vehicles.  When traveling by land in Tigray and adjoining regions, travelers can expect to encounter numerous checkpoints, where they may be asked to provide identification and their vehicles may be searched.