U.S. Embassy Warns of Scams – There Are No Fees to Enter the Embassy or American Spaces

The U.S. Embassy has been alerted to reports of scams, where unsuspecting residents are offered access to the Embassy compound for visa interviews, or to visit American Spaces.  The Embassy wishes to reiterate that no such fees are required.

The Embassy’s American Spaces Program offers free public access to facilities that include state of the art technology, research materials, space for public engagement, and opportunities to experience American Culture. There are locations in Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa, Jimma, and Addis Ababa at the National Archive and Library Agency as well as the U.S. Embassy itself.  There are no fees to enter these spaces or use their services.

For Consular Services, such as visa interviews, the only fees are those that are published on travel.state.gov, which cover the cost of the application process.  There are no additional fees to enter the Embassy compound for an appointment.  Official fees for consular services may only be paid at Bank of Abyssinia locations or directly at the cashier window within the Consular Section.

The Embassy is investigating these claims and reminds all Ethiopians to communicate directly with the Embassy if anyone request fees to facilitate Embassy services.  Up to date information about U.S. Embassy services is available directly through the official Embassy website at et.usembassy.gov.