The U.S Embassy Implements New Visa Application Processes

March 18, 2015, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: The U.S Embassy in Addis Ababa will  implement a new process for all Immigrant  Visa (IV) and Fiancé (K) visa applicants as of April 01, 2015 that will enable the Consular Section to provide better service to the Ethiopian public. These changes will also give maximum flexibility and control to the visa applicant to register and schedule Immigrant Visa appointments with the U.S. Embassy.

The changes require Fiance (K) visa applicants to schedule their appointments and all Immigrant Visa applicants to register their appointments at All applicants are also required to schedule their follow up appointment.

Please note that all applicants who have already attended their initial interview and have been provided with a follow up instructions letter (221 G letter) must complete their registration at prior to April 01, 2015.

Prior to this change, Immigrant Visa applicants did not have the ability to register their appointments, request a change in appointment day and time if they missed their appointment, provide additional documentation to support their application, or schedule additional follow-up appointments with the U.S. Embassy

All persons seeking an appointment with the Embassy for a Non-Immigrant Visa (student visa, tourism visa, business visa, etc.), Diversity Visa (DV), or an Immigrant Visa (IR1, CR1, K, etc.), must register their appointments through Only V93 refugee and V92 asylee follow-to-join cases are not required to register appointments at

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa adjudicates nearly 50,000 visa applications per year.