Scheduling Appointment

This appointment you will receive is strictly for CRBA application document review. Your child or children are not required to be present. Only one parent or guardian is sufficient to submit the documents. Please, bring all required documents in hard copy.  Once the documents are reviewed and your application is found to be complete, we will give you an appointment for the CRBA interview.

When scheduling an appointment, you should take note of the following:

  • Choose ‘Report the birth abroad of a child of a U.S. citizen and/or apply for the child’s first passport.’
  • Book the appointment in the child’s name.
  • Print or write down the appointment date and time, confirmation number and password. You will not receive booking confirmation or appointment reminders by e-mail.

You are not required to present a printout of the confirmation sheet on the day of the appointment as your name will be on the access list for that day.  Although, you may wish to keep a copy for your records. Please ensure that you arrive at the Embassy at the appointed time, otherwise we may be required to cancel your appointment.

Each applicant requiring a service must have a separate appointment.  Remember to schedule the appointment in the name of your child.

As we continue to resume services, appointments remain limited. If there are no appointments available when you first check the booking system, please keep checking. New appointments are regularly added, including appointments made available from daily cancellations. These appointments can only be booked through the online calendar, not by e-mail or telephone, which is why it is important to keep checking the calendar.


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