DNA Testing information

General Information on DNA Testing and U.S. Citizenship

In order to transmit U.S. citizenship to a child born abroad, among other requirements, there must be a biological relationship between the child and a U.S. citizen parent or parents. Genetic testing is a useful tool for verifying a stated biological relationship in the absence of sufficient other evidence to establish such relationship. Commonly tested relationships that may be used to establish paternity and/or maternity in citizenship claims arising from birth abroad to a U.S. citizen father or mother include father-child, mother-child, child and full brother or sister, child and half brother or sister, and avuncular relationships (child and paternal aunt/uncle/grandparent). DNA testing is the only biological testing method currently accepted by the Department to establish a biological relationship. However, due to the expense, complexity, and logistical delays inherent in parentage testing, genetic testing will only be used in the absence of sufficient other evidence (documentation, photos, etc.) establishing the relationship.  

DNA Testing Process in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  1. DNA test recommended by officer at time of interview.
  2. DNA lab selected by petitioner on AABB web page http://www.aabb.org (costs paid by U.S petitioner/parent).  Lab does not have to be near your home. The lab will send kits to a qualified testing center.
  3. DNA lab sends kit to Consular Addis Ababa.
  4. Applicant will be scheduled an appointment for sample collection and informed of this via phone.
  5. On the appointment day, applicant will provide the following items to the Embassy representative: 2 recent passport size photos (2″ x 2″), official photo I.D and 400 Birr.
  6. DNA sample collected on appointment date and sent to the DNA lab for testing.
  7. DNA lab finalizes test and sends results to the consular section.
  8. The Consular Section contacts the applicants by email/phone and informs them when to return to the embassy.
  9. For more information please contact AddisDNA@state.gov