Security Message: Commercial Air Availability from Addis Ababa

The security situation in Ethiopia continues to deteriorate. The U.S. Embassy urges U.S citizens in Ethiopia to depart now using commercially available options. Although the Embassy continues to process emergency passports and repatriation loans, and to provide other emergency services, the Embassy is unlikely to be able to assist U.S. citizens in Ethiopia with departure if commercial options become unavailable. Please see information on What the Department of State Can and Can’t Do in a Crisis.

U.S. citizens wishing to depart Ethiopia, currently have multiple options via commercial flights from Bole International Airport. If you have difficulty securing a flight or need assistance to return to the United States, please contact for guidance. The Embassy can also provide a repatriation loan for U.S. citizens who cannot afford at this time to purchase a commercial ticket to the United States. If you are a U.S. citizen and delaying your departure because your non-U.S. citizen spouse or minor children do not have immigrant visas or U.S. passports, please contact us immediately. Similarly, if you are a non-U.S. citizen parent of a U.S. citizen minor but do not have a valid U.S. visa or other document valid for entry to the United States, please contact us.

Please see contact information for airlines operating from Bole International Airport below:

Ethiopian Airlines


Telephone: 251 116179900

Air Djibouti


Telephone: 251 116160633 or 251 115540094

Badr Airlines

Telephone: 2519 11600705




Telephone: 251 111564494 Email:



Telephone: 251 115181818



Telephone: 251 116670157/54

Gulf Air


Telephone: 251 115505979/33

Jazeera Airways


Kenya Airways


Telephone: 251 115525546

Qatar Airways


Telephone: 251 115544638 Email:



Telephone: 0115512637/93

Turkish Airlines Website:

Telephone: 251 116627781/82 Email:

The Department of State has no higher priority than the safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas. U.S. citizens still in country should enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security updates and to ensure you can be located in an emergency.


U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


State Department – Consular Affairs:   888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444