Security Alert: Recent Reports of Robberies in Popular Hiking Areas in Addis Ababa

The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa has received several reports of recent strong-armed robberies of American citizens and others hiking in three popular areas — Entoto and Yeka (behind the British Embassy) parks, as well as the Guellele Botanical Gardens. The hikers were in groups that were surrounded by multiple men who were armed with knives, rocks or other weapons of opportunity. Any resistance or perceived lack of cooperation was met with the threat of or actual violence. Embassy security strongly recommends avoiding hiking in these areas at this time. We urge anyone who does decide to hike in these areas, regardless of group size, to exercise extreme caution.

Please remain mindful of this issue, and please employ sound security practices.


· Avoid walking/hiking/biking alone.

· If confronted, do not engage or otherwise escalate the encounter. Do your best to immediately de-escalate the situation and comply with demands for property or cash to avoid injury.

· Maintain situational awareness. Avoid wearing headphones or using handheld electronic devices in public areas.


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