Security Alert – Irreecha Celebrations in Addis Ababa

Location:  Addis Ababa

Event: Irreecha (Oromo Thanksgiving) Celebrations, including the Irreecha Peace Run, September 22-October 6, 2019.

The kick-off to the holiday festivities is the Irreecha Peace Run in Addis Ababa. Beginning at 0600 and concluding around noon on Sunday, September 22. The race is expected to draw 50,000 participants. The route runs from Meskel Square – Mexico Square – Kera – Gotera/Confusion Square – Debrezeit Road – ending back at Meskel Square. The race routes will be closed to vehicle traffic and drivers should anticipate all arteries leading into or roads running parallel to the route will have heavy vehicular and pedestrian congestion. 

Also be aware of other scheduled Irreecha Celebrations in and around Addis Ababa: 

·        October 4, 2019 Carnival – Addis Ababa

·        October 5, 2019 Irreecha celebrated in Addis Ababa at Meskel Square

·        October 6, 2019 Irreecha celebrated in Bishoftu (Debre Zeit)

Due to tensions in the Oromia region, there is a chance demonstrations may occur at the race, which has historically been held in Oromia but is happening for the first time in Addis Ababa. 

Actions to Take: 

  • Reconsider travel in and around these areas.
  • Remain aware of your surroundings, including local events.
  • Avoid large gatherings and demonstrations; monitor local news stations; and follow the instructions of local authorities.

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