President Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

Through PEPFAR, the USG supports a comprehensive package of services to detect, initiate, and suppress the virus in the remaining people living with HIV as well as supports strengthening laboratory systems, strategic information collection, including health management information systems (HMIS), and supply chain management. PEPFAR-supported activities are implemented by USAID and HHS/CDC, with a budget of $115 million for FY20 and $120 million planned for FY22. The policy and programmatic progress seen in Ethiopia shows the government’s commitment to achieving epidemic control. As part of the partnership agenda, PEPFAR collaborates with civil society organizations (CSOs) and key stakeholders such as UNAIDS, the Global Fund, and WHO to promote the PEPFAR programs’ focus on strengthening systems, monitoring the epidemic, improving service delivery models, and ensuring program sustainability.

From its inception through September 2021, in Ethiopia, PEPFAR has supported the provision of lifesaving antiretroviral treatment (ART) for 426,361 men, women, and children, which is 98% of the treatment (ART) being offered nationally at more than 1000 sites. PEPFAR provided HIV testing and counseling services to nearly 2,737,473 people. Over 340,000 orphans and vulnerable children, as well as their caretakers, received crucial care and support through the initiative.