Satchmo Center Membership Form

Become a Member of the Satchmo Center and Enjoy Access to Information Resources and Services!

The U.S. Embassy Satchmo Center is introducing a new membership policy in order to provide better service to its users. The new membership system will enable the Satchmo Center to improve communication with all members while maintaining the same level of service, and even adding new ones.

Your membership will qualify you for all the current services, including free and open access to the Satchmo Center, selective dissemination of information, free access to the Internet, free access to eLibraryUSA databases, information on studying in the United States, special invitations to Satchmo Center programs, and the newly introduced lending library that enables users to borrow books from the Satchmo Center.

To become a member, please complete the below membership application form. We expect to be able to process applications for membership within a week and let you know when it is ready.

Thank you!

United States Embassy Addis Ababa, Satchmo Center
Membership Application Form

P.O.Box 1014, Addis Ababa, Tel: 011-130-7031, Fax: 011-124-2454, E-mail:

The Satchmo Center is located in the U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa and serves students, teachers, researchers, journalists, business professionals and the general public. Membership to the Satchmo Center is free by filling out this membership form and includes free Internet, eLibraryUSA, books, U.S. magazines, videos and audio books.

  • I agree to abide by the policies and regulations of the IRC and to accept responsibility for all materials lent to me.