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Country-Specific Information:

Entry and Exit Requirements:

  • The Office of the Prime Minister has announced that all land border crossings will be closed except for “essential goods” as of March 23.
  • Air passengers from international destinations are being asked to complete a health declaration form.
  • Air passengers do not need specific documentation related to COVID-19 in order to enter/exit Ethiopia, but should be prepared to show proof of immunization for yellow fever. Please note that travelers who have family in Ethiopia with whom they can safely quarantine at home in accordance with Article 26 (see below) will submit a sample and be registered with health authorities. They are then permitted to complete their 14-day mandatory quarantine at their home so long as they comply with Article 25 (set forth below under Quarantine Information).
  • All air passengers arriving in Ethiopia through Bole International Airport will be subjected to COVID-19 screening, which will include submitting a sample for COVID-19 testing and registering with health authorities.

Quarantine Information:

  • Quarantine Requirements for Arriving Travelers as of Friday, June 26
  • All air passengers planning to transit through Addis Ababa must have onward tickets in hand upon arrival at Bole International Airport or they risk being placed in extended quarantine in a designated hotel at their own expense.
  • Transit passengers are also strongly advised to have their onward ticket be for a same-day connecting flight. Bole International Airport authorities are not allowing passengers to stay overnight in the airport. Transit passengers who do not have same-day connecting flights will be required to spend the night in a designated hotel at their own expense.

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