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Last updated: June 13, 2021

*** Effective January 26, 2021 all airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel. Alternatively, travelers to the United States may provide documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding travel. Check the CDC website for additional information and Frequently Asked Questions.

Country-Specific Information: 

  • As of October 13, 2021 the Ethiopian Public Health Institute announced the presence of 356,772 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ethiopia.
  • On March 24, 2021, the U.S. Embassy issued a Health Alert regarding the recent spike in COVID cases and the lack of availability of hospital beds and oxygen supplies.

COVID-19 Testing 

  • Are PCR and/or antigen tests available for U.S. citizens in Ethiopia? Yes
  • If so, are test results reliably available within 72 hours? Yes. Note: each company has advertised turnaround times, and we are not aware of delayed results beyond 72 hours. However, we cannot guarantee turnaround time.
  • The following entities provide testing. Please contact the companies directly for information on the type of test, updated cost information, and turnaround time.
    • Washington Medical Center: +251 11 663 5969or schedule on website Location: testing provided at home or at the medical center, there is also a drive-through option at Millennium Hall.. Cost: 2,500 birr in home or 1,500 at medical center (5,000 birr for expedited results). Turnaround time: 24 hours (expedited within 8 hours).
    • International Clinical Laboratories: +251-114-67-1818 / 930-33-2480 / 967-94-1207 or Cost: USD 60/EUR 50. Can request emailed results. It is advisable to contact for an appointment 1 week in advance. Turnaround time: 48-60 hours.
    • American Medical Center: +251-11-667-8007/4. Cost: 1650 birr. Location: inside Sunshine Compound CMC area. Turnaround time: within 24 hours.
    • Suisse Clinic: +251-92-990-1837 or see Cost: 2000 birr next day results, 2500 birr same day results.
    • Hallelujah Medical Center: +251-11-126-1317; location next to Holy Trinity Cathedral. Cost: 1400 birr, results within 24 hours.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information: 

  • Has the government of Ethiopia approved a COVID-19 vaccine for use?  Yes ,The Government of Ethiopia has limited doses to be given to priority groups; see below
  • Are vaccines available in Ethiopia for U.S. citizens to receive? Only in very limited cases to priority groups; see below.
    • Note: vaccines are available to priority groups. See below.
  • Which vaccines are available in Ethiopia?  Covishield from Serum Institute of India (same vaccine as AstraZeneca from Oxford University)
  • See more information. Vaccines are currently only available to priority groups, starting with front-line healthcare workers. Healthcare workers should register themselves with the local woreda or zonal level public health system.
  • The U.S. Government does not plan to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to private U.S. citizens overseas. Please follow host country developments and guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Visit the FDA’s website to learn more about FDA-approved vaccines in the United States.
  • Information from the CDC regarding COVID-19 vaccination

Entry and Exit Requirements: 

  • Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? Yes
  • Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required for entry? Yes
    • On June 2, the Ministry of Health issued an updated “Travel Advisory” stating that beginning June 7, 2021 all travelers entering, exiting or transiting through Ethiopia must present a digital negative RT PCR test from an approved lab.  Full compliance is required by July 1, 2021.  This is part of the African Union’s Trusted Travel (TT) Initiative: .  Paper certificates shall cease to be acceptable and only AU Trusted Travel or Global Haven COVID-19 certificates shall be allowed for entry, exit, or transit purposes from July 1, 2021.
    • All incoming travelers to Bole International Airport (BIA) are required to present a negative RT-PCR test must be conducted within 120 hours/5 days before arrival. The test result certificate must be dated.
    • If traveler uses an authorized TT-compliant laboratory in the country of departure for a COVID-19 PCR test and acquires a Trusted Travel code from the TT-compliant laboratory where the test was performed.
    • If traveler is entering from a country that is not part of the Trusted Travel Initiative (non-TT test result/certificates), traveler uploads their negative COVID-19 test result to (account creation required).  A Travel Code will then be generated for travel.  Technical concerns may be directed to the dedicated support teams reachable via  Traveler must obtain a Trusted Travel (TT) code from a TT-compliant laboratory where the test was performed.  In Ethiopia, all authorized RT PCR COVID-19 testing facilities have been registered on the African Union TT System.
    • Traveler will provide an email address to the laboratory.  The traveler will receive a text message from PanaBIOS and an email from the laboratory and/or from with a link to activate their account on the website.  (Traveler should use the same email address provided to the laboratory.)  Technical concerns may be directed to the dedicated support teams reachable via
    • Children 10 and under are exempt from the COVID test requirement. A Ministry of Health directive issued October 5, 2020 and the Ethiopian Airlines website both state that children 10 and under are exempt.
    • See quarantine information below.
    • As always, be sure to double check with the relevant authorities before planning travel as guidance may change.
    • This is a recent announcement from the Government of Ethiopia, and full implementation details are not yet known.  More information will be provided when available.
  • Are health screening procedures in place at airports and other ports of entry? Yes
  • Visa extensions are available on-line or in person. See the Ethiopian Immigration website for more information.

Movement Restrictions: 

  • Is a curfew in place? No
  • Are there restrictions on intercity or interstate travel? No

Quarantine Information: 

  • Are U.S. citizens required to quarantine? Yes, According to the October 5, 2020 Ministry of Health directive, incoming travelers have a duty to self-quarantine at home for seven days. At the airport, incoming travelers must present a negative RT-PCR test issued within 120 hours/5days of arrival, pass temperature and COVID symptom screening, and provide the address where they will self-quarantine.
  • All arriving passengers entering Ethiopia with a negative RT-PCR test who meet the conditions of the health screening are not required to quarantine per Ethiopian government regulations. Transit passengers and children 12 and under are exempt from the COVID test requirement. See the Ethiopian Immigration websitefor more information.

Transportation Options: 

  • Are commercial flights operating? Yes
  • Is public transportation operating? Yes
    • The October 5, 2020 Ministry of Health directive states that masks are required on public transit. Transit companies must follow other precautionary measures such as keeping windows open and limiting capacity per local laws.

Fines for Non-Compliance:

  • All persons over age 6 who do not have respiratory or related medical conditions should wear a mask at all times outside of their residence and maintain physical distancing, per the October 5, 2020 Ministry of Health directive. Gatherings must be limited to 50 people or less
  • Local public health rules do not specify the punishment for not wearing a mask or exceeding limits on gatherings. However, penalties for violations of the rules potentially range from 1,000 to 200,000 Ethiopian birr and three years in jail.

Consular Operations: 

Last Updated: April 9, 2021

American Citizen Services 

The American Citizen Services unit at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa has resumed limited routine processing of American citizen services.   We are currently processing passport renewals (adults and children).  To schedule your appointment and review the requirements to renew, please see our U.S. Citizen Services page:  Please do not take a passport renewal appointment for a different service, such as a notarial or first-time passport for a child.  We are not able to provide other services for those with an appointment for a passport renewal.

We have opened a limited number of Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) appointments, and we will gradually open more as circumstances permit and based on the efficacy of our COVID-19 mitigation efforts.  Please monitor our website for more appointments beginning in May.

PLEASE NOTE, services will only be provided to those who comply with our COVID-19 restrictions set forth below. The failure to comply will result in a denial of service:

  1. Please complete the renewal application (DS-11 if renewing minor (5 years) passport or replace lost/stolen passport or DS-82 to renew 10 year passport) before you arrive.
  2. Bring a passport photo that complies with State Department requirements (see
  3. Bring the appropriate passport renewal fee in cash (Ethiopian birr or U.S. dollars) or credit card (see
  4. Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before or after your appointment, in order to limit contact between visitors to the Consular Section.
  5. Wear a face covering.  We require every person over age 2 to wear a face covering over the mouth and nose. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone not wearing a proper face covering.  Please be considerate and help protect others.

Please watch our website for future announcements on provision of services

  • Visa Services
  • In response to significant worldwide challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa is only able to provide limited immigrant and nonimmigrant visa appointments.  We will continue to provide emergency and mission-critical visa services as resources and local conditions allow. We will resume routine visa services as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date at this time.
  •  Please see these notices which contain detailed information about the current status of visa services worldwide and visa restrictions related to the COVID-19 global pandemic:

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