Call for Participants: Next Level Academy (Addis Ababa) (Deadline January 10,2020)

Recruitment Specifications for NL Academy

  • The ideal number of participants for each workshop is 10-15 Dance often has more interested participants and may have up to 20. (40-65 participants total will participate in the program).
  • Participants should be between 15-30 years of age. However, individuals who may be slightly older or younger will still be accepted if they appear to be sound and dedicated candidates for the program.
  • Ideally participants will represent the diversity of the region served, with priority given to underserved demographics. A mixture of participants of different ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, or local communities is preferred to help facilitate the program goals of intercultural exchange, community building, and conflict resolution. The program seeks to not only facilitate sharing and collaboration between Americans and Ethiopians, but between members from various sectors of the local community.
  • Participants will come from a balance of experience levels. Some may have a great affinity for Hip Hop and experience dancing, writing songs, etc.  Others may have little to no experience, but rather are interested in learning and experimenting with the art form for the first time. The most important requirement for participants is that they be committed to attending ALL of the workshops and the final performance, due to the time constraints of the program.

Call for Participants

We are seeking participants to take part in Next Level, a hip hop and cultural exchange program that has brought a team of four accomplished hip hop artists of various disciplines (Dance, DJ, MC/Rap, Graffiti) from the United States. The program will consist of 5 days of workshops from 10:00am to 3:00pm from January 27 to February 1, 2020 and will culminate with a final concert performance at Yared Music School on February 1, 2020. Participants who are selected will be assigned to one of the four workshops for the duration of the program, where they will receive instruction in arts skillbuilding, entrepreneurship, and conflict transformation.

The Next Level program will be is seeking workshop participants who meet the following requirements:

Age: 15-30 years old. Participants who are older or younger than this may also be considered if they demonstrate that they are highly committed and/or experienced.
Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced.
Commitment: Selected participants must attend all workshops.

Workshops Description

The following is information regarding the different workshops that will be taught in the categories of (Dance, DJ, MC/Rap, Graffiti), as well as background on the U.S. artist-educators who will be leading the sessions.

Dance Workshop



Workshop Focus:

 Breaking Techniques

 Techniques of ‘Popping’

 Some techniques of ‘Hip Hop’ choreography



Visiting Artist-Educator


Alexander Diaz, aka Bboy El Niño

Alexander “Bboy El Niño” Diaz has been breakdancing since the age of 6. El Niño has performed with artists such as Missy Elliot, LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, and many more. He appeared in the movie Step Up 3D and recently landed a main role in a national Airheads candy commercial. El Niño is a staple in the bboy community, judging events and teaching international workshops to youth. El Niño is still actively winning titles in competitions worldwide, including most recently the 2016 Freestyle Session Undisputed Champion and 2017 Battle In Shanghai Champion. El Niño also competes internationally with his groups, Floor Lords, Boogie Brats, and Squadron.


Facebook: @Bboyelnino

Instagram: @bboyelnino



DJ Workshop



Workshop Focus:

 Use equipment and technology specific to the field of Deejaying

 Learn about Deejaying history and its connection to hip hop culture

 Learn Deejaying techniques (i.e. ‘scratching,’ ‘mixing’, etc.)




Visiting Artist-Educator


Skeme Richards 

Skeme Richards is a professional DJ and music connoisseur. He has played for both large and small events, including night clubs, festivals, art galleries, and film premieres, and played guest spots on independent and commercial radio. Skeme Richards has a classic approach to his craft, digging and spinning genres across the board, from hip hop to house, funk and soul classics to disco, nu disco to jazz and beyond, he continuously strives to separate himself from the pack. While maintaining originality, Skeme Richards keeps his first-class status as a true party rocker while being an educator.


Facebook: @djskemerichardsofficial

Instagram: @skemerichards


MC/Rap Workshop



Workshop Focus:

 Learn the basic structures f a hip hop song (counting bars, verses, choruses/hooks)

 Learn how to participate in a cypher (collaborative performance)

 Learn how to record a song

 Improve performance techniques (vocal control, gestures/movement, eye contact, etc.)




Visiting Artist-Educator


Boog Brown

Boog Brown is an MC from Detriot, MI. Boog Brown is a ferocious lyricist with a passion for education and creating human-to-human experiences. She is an artist committed to expanding the capacity for love, understanding, and making the hardest-hitting hip hop music. Boog Brown rhymes with the gift for acute truth-telling fused with a passion for bars and braggadocio, making her a standout choice for fans. Boog Brown balances her desire to be heard and felt with a responsibility to raise social awareness. As a woman who grew up on the fault line of “around the way” and the suburban trappings of black-middle class on Detroit’s far west side, Boog Brown acknowledges the past and present while decidedly focusing on the future. Being able to identify her roots while not fearing expansion is what gives Boog Brown the confidence to explore uncharted territory.


Facebook: @boogbrown1

Instagram: @1boogbrown



Graffiti Workshop



Workshop Focus:

 Learn how to sketch in order to plan out a painting

 Learn to use spray paint as well as paint with a brush.

 Learn how to transfer sketches on paper to murals on a wall or other surface.

 Learn about the history of graffiti in Hip Hop culture



Visiting Artist-Educator


Vincent Ballentine, aka plus1

Vincent “plus1” Ballentine is a New York-based graffiti artist and MC with an academic background in illustration, video production, and art education. In addition to completing murals in various cities around the United States, he is an exhibiting artist and graphic designer. Working with non-profit organizations that include the Progressive Arts Alliance, plus1 instructs youth and adult students in a variety of creative skillsets.



Instagram: @vballentine99

Facebook: @vince.ballentine


Application Form 


                    Hip Hop Dancers and Graffiti Artists



Program dates in Addis Ababa: January 27 – February 1, 2020

  1. NAME:
  2. AGE:
  3. GENDER (check the box): Female ☐              Male ☐
  • city where you live in:
  • mobile phone:
  • email:
  1. Please answer the following:







Field of application



No experience


Less than one year


One to three



Three to five years


More than five years

Length of your experience in the field


  1. Can you attend ALL days of the masterclass?

Yes       ☐                          No    

  1. Is this the first time you will participate in a masterclass or training for Hip Hop Dancer/Graffiti?

Yes       ☐                          No   

*If your answer was No, please list the masterclasses or training you have attended:

  1. Did you make a Piece before, alone or as part of a team?

Yes       ☐       Alone ☐     No   

*If your answer was YES, please list the piece(s) and describe in two – three sentences your role in making it/them:

  1. What are your expectations from this masterclass? What skills are you hoping to learn/improve at the masterclass? (Describe in two-three sentences) 
  1. Though it is NOT required for participants to bring their own equipment to class, we would like to know if you own any of the equipment’s you can bring useful to the class? 
  1. Do you have a current project that you are working on? If so, at what stage is the project?

Concept ☐       Just started ☐   Half-way through the Production ☐     Production ☐                  Post-production Finished project    ☐    Distribution    ☐ 

  1. Video links to your works: 

To Apply: Please fill out the Application form and send it to

For more information: +251 111 30 7693