Alert: Situation in Mekele

The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa continues to closely follow the complex and evolving situation in the Tigray Region.  Based on the current information available, flights to and from Mekele have been suspended temporarily, with no indication when they will resume.  Roads to and from Mekele are blocked, public transportation is not operating from the city, and cell phone communication is unreliable.

The safety of U.S. citizens in Ethiopia remains our top priority.  U.S. citizens in Tigray should monitor local media, consular messages, and embassy social media platforms carefully and be prepared to shelter in place if their safety is threatened before flights to and from Mekele resume or ground transportation is permitted. U.S. citizens requesting specific assistance should contact while understanding that logistical and other constraints may limit what support the U.S. government can provide.