Alert: Existing Opportunities to Depart Ethiopia on Regularly-Scheduled Commercial Flights

LOCATION:  Ethiopia

EVENT:  The Department of State issued a Global Level 4 Health Advisory for COVID-19 on March 19.  We recognize this has been a challenging period for many of our fellow Americans, particularly those of you seeking to return to the United States while flights are limited.

The Department of State is currently not organizing an evacuation of American citizens from Ethiopia as there are commercial flights available.   We urge you to explore your options to return to the United States on an available commercial flight.  As of this date and time, Ethiopian Airlines and Turkish Airlines are flying routes from Addis Ababa to the United States.   We understand there have been difficulties changing flight reservations (for example to depart on an earlier date) and possible issues raised by prior travel to countries covered by the Presidential Proclamations on Travel.  If you recently traveled to one of the covered countries (Iran, China, countries in the Schengen Zone, UK, and Ireland), you must fly into one of the 13 approved airports.  See DHS: 13 Approved Airports.   Please see the Department of Homeland Security website for information on the arrival process in the U.S. for American citizens, legal permanent residents (green card holders), and their immediate family members.

While the Embassy cannot assist you in booking or re-booking your flight, we do encourage you to explore all of your options and all possible routes to get the United States, even if that means not arriving at your preferred airport.

For the most current information regarding COVID-19, the March 11 and March 14 Presidential Proclamations and their impact on travel to the United States, please visit and